The New App Comes To Town In All Its Glory

Being a football fanatic, I have played almost every football related game that introduced on the app version. So, it was not unusual for me to download The Madden NFL mobile game and check it out myself.

This particular app holds one of the top spots in all-time app download as well as rating. The download size was pretty decent. On checking out the user reviews and the game screenshots, I was tempted to try it out myself. Once I begun playing the game is when I realized what the craze.

Graphics are an important aspect of any video game, and this app does not disappoint at all. The mobile Graphics Processing Unit or GPU has been used to its optimal power. The look and settings of the game made me believe that I was physically playing the game.

The virtual players, as I noticed have retained many similarities to their real selves. The height and build of the players seemed to be quite in order. What animation appears to be is on par with the player visuals. Movements do not appear to slow or look lagged. The stadium and its audience, combined with the sound give the feel of a real football field.

The app developers did an excellent job in maintaining the balance between simplicity and power. There are two options to choose from while gaming. The on analog screen or the screens touch option. The game movements like kicks, juke, offense, defense and throwing the ball seem to work fine.

I just needed to make swipes at the proper time and use the analog sticks to get the action going. The gameplay experience turned out to be a smooth, free flowing one for me. There was no complication, and I felt no stutter in the game movements. Neither was I interrupted with a third app advertisement. If you want to play the game with uninterrupted features, then you may also like madden mobile 17 hack options for this game.

The first thing that came to my mind while playing the game was the purchases I was required to make. The daily events and various mode enabled mode to let me earn coins. I would often use those coins to make the necessary upgrades keep my team at an advantage.

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The gold coins can be sued to purchase cards from the pro pack. It is with the help of the cards that let me select my favorite players. The other choice that I had was to use real cash to buy game packs, again to boost my team performance. The one thing I had to be patient about was to get my stamina meter full.

I could not move ahead in the game with a low strength meter. One stamina point earned every ten minutes. The stamina meter also gets refilled on crossing level successfully.

Overall, I quite enjoyed the game. The game is designed for football crazy people like me. The speed of the game is good, so is the graphics. The game does involve in-app purchases, but the download is free. You can also use madden mobile coin hacks if you want to get coins for free. The developers also have time to time upgrade of the app. It is done make the gaming experience beater for its users along with the rectification of whatever technical glitches there might be.

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